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Iggy Pop: ‘Tell Me A Story’ & Bombed Out!

Iggy Pop: ‘Tell Me A Story’ & Bombed Out!

Iggy Pop with Glen Matlock on the New Values Tour 1979 (edinburghgigarchive.com)

For the very first chapter of my Punk and New Wave band Memoir, Bombed Out!, I used an Iggy Pop album track, fittingly called ‘Tell me A Story’ as the chapter heading.

bombed out punk memoir peter alan lloyd punk and new wave 1980s liverpool bands erics club 1980s liverpool recession iggy pop live 1979 new values tour tell me a story new values iggy album cover

The cover to Iggy Pop’s 1979 album, New Values.

Tell me A Story was the first track on Iggy Pop’s 1979 album New Values. He played a few tracks off this album on the ‘New Values Tour’ in 1979 when I saw him at Eric’s Club, Liverpool.

"Hang on Iggy, I'm trying to light my ciggy."

“Hang on Iggy, I’m trying to light a ciggy.”

I mention this gig in Bombed Out! too, as it was one of my favourite Eric’s gigs of all time, especially as I was working as stage security for it, sitting right underneath him and getting PAID for the privilege, for two shows. I also grabbed everything that fell on the stage during the gig – plectrums etc – and the set list at the end.

Iggy autographed this poster of A New Values gig in Paris, in 1979. (Photobucket)

Iggy autographed this poster of a New Values tour gig in Paris, in 1979. (Photobucket)

On that tour his bass player was Glen Matlock, who gets a few mentions in Bombed Out! For reasons I explain in the book I was almost shocked when I realized Matlock was playing bass for Iggy on that tour.

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I’ve added two You tube links, the first to ‘Tell me A Story’ and a second one for ‘Don’t Look Down’, another big favourite of mine off the New values album.

Iggy Pop – Tell Me a Story

IGGY POP – Don't Look Down

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