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Nightmares in Wax Everyman Gig, March 1980.

Nightmares in Wax Everyman Gig, March 1980.

Pete Burns and I in Nightmares in Wax (later Dead or Alive) playing in the Everyman Theatre Basement in Liverpool.

The above photo was taken during my first Liverpool gig with Nightmares in Wax, back in 1980. The gig gets a mention in Bombed Out! because it was unexpectedly reviewed by Melody Maker.

I repeat some of the review in the book, because it was relevant to one of the themes of my time in both Nightmares in Wax and earlier, when I’d played bass for 9 months with Liverpool band Pink Military Stand Alone.

An extract from the chapter dealing with the gig.

An extract from the chapter of Bombed Out! dealing with the gig.

This was my first Liverpool gig with the band, and I’d only been with them for about a week, having had three days to learn all their songs for a previous gig in Manchester.

I’d been persuaded out of an unlikely early musical retirement to join Nightmares by Pete Burns, although I hadn’t told him I’d already got a night job by then, working on the Dock Road in Liverpool, so by the time this photo was taken I was already moonlighting.

The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool in the 1980s.

The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool in the 1980s.

Unfortunately, much as I really enjoyed my time in Nightmares, for bizarre reasons it was to prove short-lived. It ended spectacularly, with me walking off into the rain for a late-night, ten-mile walk home with my bass guitar firmly tucked underneath my arm, violently swearing, often out loud, that I was fucking done with bands. And this only hours after playing the best gig of my life.

I detail the reasons for this decision, and the strange series of events that led up to it, in Bombed Out!.

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  1. Michael Reid

    February 1980, not March. Great show, I remember it well. First live outing after laying off for a couple of months to concentrate on studio work. First public appearance too for the best bass player NIW ever had 😉

    • Peter Alan Lloyd

      The fiver’s in the post Mick…

      I suppose we should hold off from mentioning our current interesting musical endeavours, until some time in the (hopefully) near future!


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