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The Importance of Iggy Pop’s ‘TV Eye Live’ Album.

The Importance of Iggy Pop’s ‘TV Eye Live’ Album.

Above Photo: A peckish Iggy makes short work of the microphone.

Iggy pop receives many mentions in the pages of my Punk and New Wave memoir, Bombed Out!, but  an important one was when, in 1978, I won a copy of his TV Eye Live, 1977 album.

Punk and new wave influences in 1978 liverpool punk radio merseyside phil ross competition winner peter alan lloyd

The TV Eye album cover.

I’d won it by submitting a Punk playlist for a Friday night New Wave programme on local BBC Radio Merseyside. I missed the programme air, never got to hear whether it had been selected, and thought nothing further of it.

Iggy pop gig USA 1977

Iggy Pop (lying) onstage in 1977.

A week later, I received concrete proof it had been successful, in the form of Pure Gold to an impecunious schoolboy Punk – three FREE albums: one by The Radio Stars, one (a lifetime favourite) by Slaughter & The Dogs and Iggy Pop’s superb TV Eye Live was the third.

Iggy Pop 1977 The Idiot

Another shot of Iggy and band in the 1970s.

Not only did I think TV Eye was a great album back then, but it has definitely stood the test of time. I still love listening to the bass playing (of Tony Sales) on the album, on which David Bowie also features, playing piano.

david bowie on piano iggy pop the idiot tour europe 1977 TV eye live

David Bowie plays piano with Iggy Pop as part of Iggy’s The Idiot 1977 tour.

The album is comprised of tracks recorded during Iggy’s 1977 tour of the USA, and it seems to be largely overlooked in his work.

iconic photograph of iggy pop onstage in 1977

An iconic photo of Iggy Pop onstage in 1977.

I read somewhere he’d come up with the album to cheaply and quickly fulfil a recording obligation to RCA, but whatever the reason, some of the tracks on it are outstanding live versions of his music.

david bowie on piano iggy pop the idiot tour USA 1977 TV eye live

Iggy Pop and David Bowie in 1977 in the USA on The Idiot tour.

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  1. dennis

    Hey, I won a copy of that album at CKCU Ottawa same time. Terrific album and one of my all time favourites.


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