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Bombed Out! – The Glamour of Self-Publishing?

Bombed Out! – The Glamour of Self-Publishing?

Above Photo: Me in Bangkok, checking the first few hundred copies of Bombed Out! which were hot off the printer’s presses.

Accurately described by a friend as looking like “an inmate working in a prison library”, the above photo was taken in Bangkok when Bombed Out! first came out, as I checked through the first few hundred copies which were ready for collection.

I have now sold 1,000 copies of the book, with no reprint in this current format to follow once they’re sold. If the film based on the book gets made I expect these to sell out in a month, so if you wish to buy a signed copy of  this version of Bombed Out!, you should act quickly.

You can click on the book icon to the right of my website to order a copy, or buy a much cheaper e-book version of Bombed Out! on Amazon and Smashwords (see links below).

Buy a signed copy of Bombed Out! here: http://www.bombedoutpunk.com/buybook.php

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or signed paperback copies from:
News From Nowhere, Bold Street Liverpool; Waterstones, Liverpool 1 or Pritchards, Moor Lane, Crosby.

 www.bombedoutpunk.com © Peter Alan Lloyd

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