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In New York, Punk’s Not Bread.

In New York, Punk’s Not Bread.

Above Photo – Agent Orange: An interesting mohican on Bleecker Street, New York.

My Punk and New Wave Memoir, Bombed Out! frequently references New York bands who were influential in shaping the British Punk and New Wave scene, and on my last visit to New York, when I was checking out former Punk sites, I dived into this dollar-a-slice pizza shop on Bleecker Street, in Greenwich Village.

Homaging US Punk band The Mutants' "Pizza", or just fucking starving?

Homaging US Punk band The Mutants’ “Pizza”, or just starving?

Imagine my surprise when wolfing down a fantastic slice of pizza to see the above wheat-mohicanned orange in front of me.

I thought it might be a tour bus for the US Punk band Whole Wheat Bread, so I took a couple of photos before realizing it wasn’t a bread van at all, but was instead delivering a Belgian style wheat beer called “Shock Top”, emblazoned with a great piece of original artwork.

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Serious Drinking: Ed Banger Stuff…

Serious Drinking: Ed Banger Stuff…

And to end, here’s the Mutants’ slightly Iggy and the Stooges-sounding track, Pizza.

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