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Punks And The Derivation of Mohicans.

Punks And The Derivation of Mohicans.

Above Photo: Two Punks at the recent Nice and Sleazy music festival in the UK. (© Christopher Furlong)

Ah – mohicans….my hair was never long enough back then, but I was interested to see the above and below image of young and older Punks sporting mohicans in an article in the UK Guardian a while back.

Although I didn’t have one, that didn’t stop me plonking one on top of the protagonist bass player’s head in the fictional screenplay I wrote ‘based on’ my Punk Memoir,  Bombed Out! That was largely for dramatic reasons, of course.

While the mohawk hairstyle was a fashion icon of the Punk movement in the 1970s and beyond, it took its name from the Mohawk Nation in the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York – although when the true Mohawks fashioned this hairstyle they plucked out each individual hair rather than shave their head.

A painting of a Mohawk warrior.

A painting of a Mohawk warrior.

Like I say, I didn’t sport a mohican when I was a Punk, partly because my short-sighted, local short-back-and-sides barber could never have pulled off (or plucked out) such creativity, but I do admire the guy below who still defiantly sports a mohawk, at a recent Punk festival in the UK.

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He's still got it.

He’s still got it. Attitude, I mean… (© Christopher Furlong)

Thee above photos are from a series taken by Christopher Furlong, contained in this article: http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2014/may/25/photography-nice-n-sleazy-punk-festival-in-pictures#/?picture=437768821&index=4

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