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Banksy’s Superb Punk Wall Art.

Banksy’s Superb Punk Wall Art.

This superb piece of wall art by British artist Banksy references the front cover of the Clash LP, London Calling.

Released in 1979, the Clash cover shows bass player Paul Simonon smashing up his bass during the band’s 1979 tour of the US, when they played at the Palladium, New York.

The cover of the Clash's London Calling album, released n Dcember 1979, during the time period of Bombed Out!

The cover of the Clash’s London Calling album, released in December 1979, during the time period of Bombed Out!

In contrast to busting up a bass, the Banksy piece shows a man smashing up his office chair, presumably frustrated at having to work in an office when, perhaps in his youth, inspired by Punk bands and the music of the Clash, he’d harboured heady aspirations of an entirely different kind of future.

It’s a great piece of art.

I also really like the below piece by Banksy, showing a girl holding a balloon, a string linking her hand to the letter O” in the phrase “No Future” written above in red. Her face reflects an unhappiness she can see in her own future.

No Future.

Not much of a Future.

The phrase “No Future” is relevant to Bombed Out! and Punk in general, referencing a lyric in the Sex Pistols song “God Save The Queen.” It’s also a phrase I incorporated into the Bombed Out! book cover design, as it wasn’t just a slogan back then. And nor perhaps today, with the recent political, economic and constitutional turmoil roiling the UK.

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Part of the Bombed Out! cover artwork.

Part of the Bombed Out! cover artwork.

I’ve added You Tube links to both London Calling, and God Save the Queen below.

London calling-The clash

The Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen

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  1. trevor

    the pic of the child holding the ballon reminds me of the smiths vid for there s a light that never goes out,you see this little girl pushng a pram that was just all metal.she turns shyly from the camera.always wonder what became of her when I see the video.

  2. Boogie

    It’s because Banksy is Paul Simonon of The Clash.


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