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Base Guitar for Sale – A Bassic Mistake in Marketing.

Base Guitar for Sale – A Bassic Mistake in Marketing.

A ‘Base’ Guitar for sale in a Northampton Shop Recently.

I was amused to see this Vintage Signature bass guitar for sale in a second-hand shop in Northampton. Described as a “Base” guitar, it looked new, and also came with some form of amplification at £249.99.

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I don’t know anything about this make, but their website says: “Vintage bass guitars will get you right where you want to be on bass – in the thick of the musical action.”

Jean Jacques Burnel, The Stranglers' Axe Action Man.

Jean Jacques Burnel, The Stranglers’ Axe Action Man.

This then reminded me of the image of the Stranglers’ bass player, Jean Jacques Burnel, back in August 1977, battering a guy in the audience in Mountford Hall, Liverpool, with his Fender bass when the guy spat at him onstage.

Now THAT was a bass player in the thick of the musical action…

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