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Bass Guitars and Dildos…

Bass Guitars and Dildos…

 Above Photo: Fleet Street London, Site of Another Shocking Sight.

Bass playing obviously features in a major way in my Punk and New Wave memoir, Bombed Out!, and I’m always interested in bass-related stories in the news. Such as the present one, when a motorist was photographed playing his bass whilst driving down a busy road in Chichester, West Sussex recently.

Fret not, because luckily a bus passenger was on hand to record this sight of what appears to be a five-string Warwick bass being played by the man in a suit as he sits in the driver’s seat of the car, one hand on the wheel and one hand on his bass, although fortunately this wasn’t a fender bender incident.

The driver-bass player in action.

Driving Bass Lines: The driver-bass player in action.

A spokesman for the Institute of Advanced Motorists said: “This is the first time I have heard of someone playing guitar at the wheel.”

Still, this wasn’t as shocking as the sight I witnessed from a bus in Fleet Street in London a few years ago.

The instrument I saw looked exactly like this...

The instrument I saw looked exactly like this…

The bus had stopped at traffic lights and when I looked down into the back of a black cab in the next lane, I saw a man in a suit on his way home from work in rush hour, fondling and admiring a double-headed pink dildo. I always wondered where he was going with it, what he was hoping to do with it and to whom.

In the end it was just one of those fleeting mysteries glimpsed on the streets of London….

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A Warwick Bass in full.

A Warwick Bass in full.

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