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Banksy Not Arrested, Not a Scouser….

Banksy Not Arrested, Not a Scouser….

Banksy’s IKEA mural in Croydon, South London.

Wall watchers everywhere breathed a sigh of relief as internet rumours of Banksy’s arrest and alleged unmasking as a Scouser earlier in 2016, were comprehensively rubbished as a hoax.

I reckon there’s no doubt his identity is pretty widely known, but I believe the British Media like to play along with the mystery, as he’s such an iconic and popular figure, so nobody’s squealing.

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Banksy again.

I don’t think he could have made the excellent ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’, which I saw recently, without many people knowing who he was too, although obviously that was a mockumentary, not a real expose.

I didn’t appreciate Banksy’s Punk wall art until recently, and now I’m a big fan of his ability to quickly and deftly express hopelessness and alienation in a compelling visual form – he obviously has a wicked sense of humour too.

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