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Life After The Sex Pistols: John Lydon Interview in 1978.

Life After The Sex Pistols: John Lydon Interview in 1978.

 Above Photo:  An early photo of John Lydon.

I recently came across this interesting , short (6 minutes) video of John Lydon, who jettisoned the ‘Johnny Rotten’ tag after the Sex Pistols broke up, being interviewed by Janet Street-Porter.

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Lydon being interviewed by Janet Street-Porter.

Shot in 1978, the interview is conducted in and around Covent Garden in London, where Lydon comes off as very personable, if disgruntled about ongoing Malcom McClaren-related financial issues.

It also contains some great one-liners, Lydon telling the cameraman he has “a cheap-looking camera” and Street Porter that “Your hair looks like rhubarb”.

You're Nicked.

You’re Nicked.

It’s an interesting perspective on his life shortly after the Sex Pistols had broken up and before he launched Public Image Limited.

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