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More Fantastic Feedback on Bombed Out!

One of the posters for Bombed Out! by Martin Why.

One of the posters for Bombed Out! by Martin Why.

 Some feedback received to May 2015.

You can buy signed paperback copies of Bombed Out! in three Liverpool bookshops: Waterstones in Liverpool One, News From Nowhere in Bold Street and Pritchards in Moor Lane, Crosby.

You can order signed paperback copies from my website www.peteralanlloyd.com

Or you can buy a downloadable copy at Amazon, Smashwords and all usual downloadable e-book sellers.


Just finished reading this tremendously enjoyable book. Covers the era perfectly.


Enjoyed the book – some great memories evoked.


Very enjoyable book that brought back great memories for me.


Just finished reading it. Really enjoyed it Peter and brought back some forgotten memories of working at Erics.


Your book was brilliant and quite nostalgic for me.


Got the book yesterday and finished it today. It was a great read. Thanks for putting it down on paper.


I loved your book and just finished reading it……my only dislike is that it finished!


Half way through Bombed Out & just thought I’d drop you a line to say how much I’m enjoying it.

You’ve made me smile this week, so thank you.


I’m connecting with it in many different ways taking me back to those early days. It’s evocative and I’m there, back in Liverpool, back in town, playing in bands and then I realise I’m here in the sunshine with a smile on my face…brilliant.


Un-putdownable. A great read



Very evocative of a time and place.


Loved the book. Brought back many memories of similar nights and experiences


I finally had a chance to read your book and loved it. You have a great way of writing that sums up all that is indicative of that area and era.


Thank you for your wonderful book. A most brilliant, inspiring read, vibrant with musical memories. Every kid should read this. I’d put it on the school curriculum…


I can’t put it down. Its fab!


Brilliant book. It brought back loads of memories for me.


Your book was brilliant – one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever had …cheers for the memories.


Read your book. It was a fantastic read. Really enjoyed it. Nice one.


I read it in one sitting and really enjoyed it. It brought back a lot of memories…I found it moving too and really enjoyed the combining of foul language with quotes from poets like Dryden and Donne….

Buy a signed copy of Bombed Out! here: http://www.bombedoutpunk.com/buybook.php