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The Naming of Bombed Out.

The Naming of Bombed Out.

Above Photo: Bombed Out, 1941, by Edward Ardizzone.

I called my ’70s-’80s, Liverpool, Punk & New Wave memoir “Bombed Out” for two main reasons. Firstly because of the economic devastation visited on Liverpool and other British cities, caused by the economic policies of the Conservative government led by Margaret Thatcher.

Liverpool during World War 2.

Liverpool during World War 2.

And secondly because it links back to the battering Liverpool took at the hands of German planes during the Second World War, which also devastated the city, and which was part of the urban landscape during the time recounted in the book.

Of course, Liverpool wasn’t the only British industrial or port city to be bombed during the Second World War (or by Thatcher’s Conservative government, for that matter); many others were also hit hard during the Blitz, such as Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester, London, Cardiff and Glasgow.

Shelter scene 1940.

London air raid shelter scene 1940.

But sticking with the Second World War sense of “Bombed Out”, I recently came across the above (headline) drawing, also called ‘Bombed Out’, which was done by war artist Edward Ardizzone. It depicts a scene in Glasgow, where over 1,000 people were killed and over 55,000 people made homeless by German bombing raids in March and April 1941.

A view inside an air raid shelter with two rows of sleeping civilians sitting on benches.

A view inside an air raid shelter with two rows of sleeping civilians sitting on benches.

I like the humanity in Ardizzone’s drawings, which are mostly devoid of wartime propaganda and simply depict ordinary people living their lives in extraordinary circumstances. An extensive collection of Ardizzoni’s war pictures, as well as his wartime diaries, can be seen at The Imperial War Museum in London, which has copyright to the drawings shown here.

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