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An Unusual Photograph from the Falklands War.

An Unusual Photograph from the Falklands War.

Above Photo: Two Argentine jets attack a British ship during the Falklands War.

For two months in 1982, unbelievably, Britain went to war with Argentina over the Falklands Islands, 8,000 miles away in the South Atlantic.

The Falklands War gets a few mentions in my 1970s-1980s Punk and New Wave memoir, Bombed Out! and while I was doing some research into the war, I came across the incredible photograph above. Taken from a British ship, it shows two Argentine A-4 Skyhawk jets screaming in, attacking the ship the photographer is standing on, firing their machine guns and rockets, while he seemingly suicidally takes the photograph.

It is not known who he was or whether he survived.

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