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Poster Wars: 1980s Liverpool Bands Slug It Out On The Street.

Poster Wars: 1980s Liverpool Bands Slug It Out On The Street.

Liverpool band Poster Wars (© Nancyo23)

I was interested to come across the above photo recently.

Taken in 1984, in Liverpool (outside the pre-renovation Jacaranda Pub, where the Beatles used to play), it shows a poster for Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Two Tribes single, which has been plastered over with The Mighty Wah! (formerly Wah! Heat) posters. This small piece of fly-posting upmanship is reminiscent of some aspects of the Eric’s-centred Liverpool band scene, where members of both Wah! and Frankie Goes to Hollywood were members and regulars, although by 1984, of course, Eric’s was long gone.

This is the covered up Frankie Goes to Hollywood poster.

This is the covered up Frankie Goes to Hollywood poster.

Later that year Frankie Goes To Hollywood had had the last laugh when Two Tribes went straight in at Number One in the UK charts.

It's official. It's in the Echo.

It’s official. It’s in the Liverpool Echo. (Nancyo23)

Another of the photographer’s images on her Flikr site shows adverts for the Damned, Killing Joke and Howard Jones who were playing somewhere in Liverpool.

Sleuthtastic (Nancyo23)

Sleuthtastic – it was in December 1983, in Liverpool. (Nancyo23)

I did some research and discovered Killing Joke played the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool on 20 December 1983, the Damned played the same venue on the 27th December, as did Howard Jones, also in December, dating this photo to the end of 1983 or early 1984.

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  1. Nancy O.

    Thanks for sharing these photos, Peter. The last one was indeed from December, 1983, the first time I visited Liverpool – not such a great photo but I took it to show a friend who was a huge Killing Joke fan. The photo of me was taken by my friend John Howells, who recently passed on; he introduced me to so many great Liverpool bands and I will be forever grateful. Seems like we used to spend a lot of time around abandoned parts of London Road taking photos like that, but I never really took the time to note locations on the prints.


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