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Margaret Thatcher, Bombed Out! and 1980s Britain.

Margaret Thatcher, Bombed Out! and 1980s Britain.

Above Photo: Thatcher Swipes Crockery. 

Margaret Thatcher, the Conservative government of the time and the economic events that unfolded across Britain and especially in the city of Liverpool in the late 1970s and early 1980s get a good (actually a bad) airing in my 1970s-1980s Punk and New Wave memoir, Bombed Out!.

How could they not, given their massive, negative impact at the time, which, on a personal level, forms the backdrop to the book.

While I was doing some photo research into the period, I was amused to come across the above early photograph of Margaret Thatcher drying dishes in a grubby-looking 1950s-1960s kitchen. I’m fascinated by the look on the face of the nurse she’s helping. What can she possibly be thinking? Perhaps that she ought to count her spoons? Or how her future leader is so skilled that she can seemingly dry two plates at the same time?

Margaret Thatcher prepares for a trip Up North - in a tank.

Margaret Thatcher prepares for a trip Up North – in a tank.

I also liked the above photo, which is not entirely out of place, because back then it felt like the city was under siege from the Tories’ economic policies. They provided me with strong personal motivation to follow the unusual course chronicled in the book.

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