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1979: Ultravox Play Live At Eric’s Club, Liverpool.

1979: Ultravox Play Live At Eric’s Club, Liverpool.

Autographed Ultravox cover (All photos © Paul Jones)

Back in 1979 Paul Jones was a fresh-faced Liverpool Punk who always persevered in getting his single and album covers signed by the Punk and New Wave bands who played at Eric’s Club on Mathew Street, Liverpool.

On Saturday, 2nd November 1979, that band was Ultravox.

Autographed Ultravox 'Ha Ha Ha' album cover.

Autographed Ultravox ‘Ha Ha Ha’ album cover.

I also went to that gig, commenting in my diary: “Went to Eric’s to see Ultravox and had a lot to drink. Almost had a fight in there. Walked home in the rain, soaked, tired and a bit groggy. Got in at 4.10 am.” Which was basically the story of my life back then, for a couple of years.

Paul at least came away with something of more value that night. He said:

“I was only young, and this was my first and only night-time gig at Erics. Usually I went to the matinees.

Autographed Young Savage single cover.

Autographed Young Savage single cover.

I remember being absolutely freezing, queuing up for hours outside the club along Mathew Street and when my turn finally came to get in, I was nearly turned away.

Jimmy the bouncer said: “You can’t come in. You’ve got Dr Martens on.”

I was gutted and replied, “I’ll take them off then!”

The idea of my feet adding to the other pungent odours down there obviously had the desired effect and he relented, shaking his head, saying, “Go in then, you knobhead.”

Ultravox's eponymous album, also duly autographed.

Ultravox’s eponymous album, also duly autographed.

I remember thinking the club was a much scarier place inside at night….but I followed my usual autographs MO, of besieging the dressing room after the band had come off stage, and the band were nice guys when we met them.

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Sadly, the git that is Midge Ure signed over John Foxx’s head, and I think this might even have been Midge Ure’s first gig with Ultravox.”

Below are two of my (many) favourite tracks of the Ultravox album Ha Ha Ha, Rockwrok and Hiroshima Mon Amour.

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ultravox rockwrok

Ultravox Hiroshima Mon Amour


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