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Blast From The Past: a link to a 1979 Iggy Pop Gig rediscovered.

Blast From The Past: a link to a 1979 Iggy Pop Gig rediscovered.

Above: A blurred photograph I recently found in my stored possessions, showing Iggy Pop being escorted to the stage to play at Eric’s Club, Liverpool in April 1979. A young Ian McCulloch, Echo and the Bunnymen’s singer is in the centre of the photo behind Iggy Pop.

The best thing I recently brought back to Thailand from my storage unit in the UK was my old bass guitar, a black Aria Pro II, which I haven’t played for 20 years, and which they don’t even make any more.

I’m not planning on re-starting my musical career, but given I’ve been living in the world of Punk and New Wave in the writing of my book, Bombed Out! for the past 2 years, my bass became something I missed more and more as time went by, and I resolved to retrieve it and bring it back with me.

My Aria Pro 2 Bass guitar - unplayed for 20 years.

My Aria Pro II Bass guitar – unplayed for 20 years.

I doubt the heat, sea air and humidity where I live will be much good for it, but fuck it; I’m happy we’re reunited – although whether the neighbours will be, especially when I get some amplification, remains to be seen.

The Clash play live at Eric's CLub, Liverpool (Eric's 77 Facebook)

The Clash play live at Eric’s Club, Liverpool (Eric’s 77, Facebook)

It’s not the same guitar I played in the bands  – that one was far more knackered, and I fear I may have thrown it out a long time ago, unfortunately.

Anyway, imagine my delight when I took the bass out of its case, to discover an old plectrum inside it, which I’d scooped up in 1979. In Bombed Out! I wrote about working on stage security at Eric’s Club, Liverpool in 1979 and scrabbling around for anything the bands dropped onstage.

These items included a Fender plectrum dropped by Paul Simonon of the Clash when they played the club in 1979, which I played my own bass with for a long time afterwards until I lost it.

A Herco plectrum dropped by one of Iggy Pop's backing band at Eric's in April 1979.

A Herco plectrum dropped by one of Iggy Pop’s backing band at Eric’s in April 1979.

A short while later, when I realised I was losing some important plectrums, like a red nylon one dropped by Dave Allen, the bass player of Gang of Four, when they’d also played Eric’s with me on scavenger duty, I decided to keep the one remaining important plectrum in my bass case.

So step forward the grey ‘Herco’ plectrum which was dropped by one of Iggy Pop’s musicians when they played Eric’s the same year (on the 4th April 1979), which has been kept safe since then.

The 'B" side...

The ‘B” side…

I’ll have to go out and buy some more to use, because this must now be a collector’s item – of sorts…

I love this version of Lust For Life, performed by Iggy in Manchester two years earlier. You get an idea of his live shows from it.

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