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Nightmares In Wax Exclusive: Unheard Rehearsal Track & Unseen Gig Photographs.

Nightmares In Wax Exclusive: Unheard Rehearsal Track & Unseen Gig Photographs.

Above Photo: Pete Burns, Mick Reid and I onstage at Eric’s Club, Mathew Street, Liverpool, in 1980. (© Michael Reid)

Through the marvels of the internet I have recently been put back in touch with Michael Reid (who I always knew as Mick), with whom I shared a few months in Nightmares In Wax in 1980.

Mick was Nightmares’ guitarist and was there throughout the time and at all the incidents I write about in Bombed Out!, including the night of the spectacular demise of my musical career, after the band had played a superb gig in Leeds.

It has been excellent catching up on our various career paths since we left the band, and we’ve also had some very interesting reminiscing about Nightmares In Wax and the whole ’70’s-‘80s Liverpool band scene and Eric’s club in particular.

Mick Reid in Nightmares in Wax.

Mick Reid in Nightmares in Wax. (© Michael Reid)

Mick’s Liverpool band CV reads very impressively: Crash Course, The Glass Torpedoes, Nightmares in Wax and, later, The English Assassins and A Glass Blue Daze.

He recently unearthed the below audio track of a Nightmares in Wax song, Turn Away, which was a regular part of our set and which was recorded in MVCU studios as part of 4-track demo recorded in November 1979.

We have posted it on You Tube more for posterity than for the quality of the sound, that’s for sure. But I can’t help thinking it doesn’t sound at all bad musically-speaking.

Taken at the same Eric's gig - coincidentally the second to last night Eric's was ever open.

Taken at the same Eric’s gig. (© Michael Reid)

He also discovered some photos taken at one of our Eric’s gigs in March 1980, three of which I have used in this article and one of which I have used for the video.

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Below is an earlier version where the sound isn’t as clear, but worth including too…





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