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Statue of Liberty: BBC Perverts Ban My Favourite XTC Track.

Statue of Liberty: BBC Perverts Ban My Favourite XTC Track.

The cover of XTC’s single, Statue of Liberty.

Agalmatophilia – or sexual attraction to a statue  – was obviously running rife at the Perv-ridden BBC back in 1978 when some dickhead decided to ban XTC’s “Statue of Liberty”.

Although this British New Wave band  was hardly in the same category as the Sex Pistols when it came to perceptions of shaking the very foundations of British Society, that still didn’t stop the BBC from banning one of the band’s most harmless songs.

XTC onstage (Philippe Carlye)

XTC onstage (Philippe Carlye)

XTC were more like a New Wave version of the Beach Boys, and bizarrely, Statue of Liberty was banned for the lyric: “when I sail beneath your skirt” in the context of a trip around New York’s Statue of Liberty.

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That must surely say more about the BBC pervert who banned it, rather than XTC’s desire to collectively knock one out whilst looking for the Liberty money shot from a New York tourist boat. Which is impossible anyway – er, I believe…

Nevertheless, there we are – or there we were, back in 1978, and the relevance of this track to my 70’s – ’80s Punk and New Wave Memoir, Bombed Out! is that I mention the song as one of my first New Wave/Punk records bought that year.

XTC's White Music album cover.

XTC’s White Music album cover.

There were a few excellent tracks on XTC’s first LP, White Music, but Statue of Liberty and All Along The Watchtower (a Hendrix cover) were my favourites.

Sadly, I never got to see them play live back then.

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XTC onstage at CBGBs in New York.

XTC onstage at CBGBs in New York.

I have added You Tube links to them below.

XTC – Statue Of Liberty

And All Along the Watchtower:

Xtc – All along the watchtower (1978)

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