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Bombed Out! and Jackie Wilson’s The Sweetest Feeling.

Bombed Out! and Jackie Wilson’s The Sweetest Feeling.

Jackie Wilson and ‘The Sweetest Feeling’ single cover.

There are only a few important things I’m kicking myself about missing out of Bombed Out!, although I’m not going to revise the book just to add them in. What’s done is done.

One glaring and disappointing musical omission was Jackie Wilson’s “The Sweetest Feeling” which is one of the earliest songs I heard which I just loved.

Jackie Wilson says...

Jackie Wilson says…

Released in 1968 in the US and in the UK in 1972, the song got to Number 9 it the British charts and I was knocked out by it, even at the tender age of ten years old.

The song was co-written by Van McCoy, he of “The Hustle” fame, which I do refer to in the book. Here’s a You Tube link to Jackie Wilson’s The Sweetest Feeling, which I wish I’d remembered from my formative years when I was writing the book!

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