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David Soul’s Appalling “Don’t Give Up On Us”.

David Soul’s Appalling “Don’t Give Up On Us”.

The Single cover for David Soul’s Recidivist song, Don’t Give Up On Us.

Let me be clear, I absolutely HATE this track. Nevertheless, it still gets a mention in Bombed Out!, although not an entirely flattering one, it has to be said.

A quote from Page 38 of Bombed Out!

A quote from Page 38 of Bombed Out!

Without this appalling song, and without the veritable tsunami of other easy-listening chart music bollocks following it in 1977, I might never have turned away from mainstream music to Punk – well, not as violently as I did.

Hearing (I won’t say listening) to such musical garbage in 1977 had me desperately grasping at the Punk bandwagon that was already careering through the musical landscape, and when I grabbed hold of it, I never looked back.

I’d liked David Soul in Starsky and Hutch, when he’d played Kenneth “Hutch” Hutchinson alongside Paul Michael Glaser’s Starsky, but when I heard this mawkish tripe (although see my interpretation of the song’s lyrics below) I knew 1977 wasn’t going to be my year when it came to chart music.

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Should have stuck to acting.

Don’t Give Up On Us got to Number One in the UK and the US that year, and must surely deserve some kind of award, along with a lot of other bilge back then, for driving legions of young kids into the spiky but welcoming arms of Punk Rock.

Listening to the lyrics of the song now, it seems to be a plea from a violent wife/girlfriend abusing loser, who, in spite of his appallingly bad repetitive behavior towards his missus, and all his previous broken promises, desperately pleads for (yet) one more chance.

Utter shite. What more can I say?

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David Soul – Don't Give Up On Us

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