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I’ll Turn Away: Another Pete Burns/Nightmares in Wax Demo Uploaded.

I’ll Turn Away: Another Pete Burns/Nightmares in Wax Demo Uploaded.

Above Photo: Pete Burns onstage at a Nightmares in Wax gig at Eric’s Club, Liverpool, in March 1980. 

My former Nightmares in Wax guitarist, Mick Reid, has uploaded another of the band’s tracks on You Tube featuring Pete Burns on vocals, and including an excellent video of all people who were in the band up until he and I left in the Spring of 1980 (mine’s around 3.24 in).

Birth of a Nation EP cover Nightmares in Wax Pete Burns Dead or Alive 1980s Liverpool bands amazon studios open eye studios records

The inside sleeve of the Nightmares in Wax Black Leather EP. (I got a credit but I didn’t play on it).

Called I’ll Turn Away, this is one of my favourite Nightmares’ tracks and I still vividly remember performing it when I played bass in the band, a period detailed in my Punk and New Wave Memoir, Bombed Out!

Early new wave gig Nightmares in wax-dead or alive eric's club liverpool amazon recording studios liverpool open eye recording studios liverpool

Pete Burns at a Nightmares in Wax gig at Eric’s Club, Liverpool in 1979.

Recorded at Liverpool’s Open Eye studios in November 1979, I’ll Turn Away was one of four tracks which had been proposed for the band’s EP, Birth of a Nation. Mick said the band had to select only three from the four demoed tracks, and I’ll Turn Away was dropped. The three tracks that appeared on the EP (Black Leather, Girls Song and Shangrila) were re-recorded at Amazon Studios in Liverpool the following month.

 amazon recording studios liverpool open eye recording studios liverpool

Pete Burns on vocals, Paul Hornby on drums at a 1979 Nightmares in Wax gig in Eric’s Club, Liverpool.

No other studio recording of I Turn Away exists, and Mick has now uploaded all four tracks from this Nightmares in Wax demo tape to You Tube.

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  1. Rob Meyers

    Hi Pete, What another great demo from the archives, and the bonus of a band member video. I must admit there were a couple of people that i was still to this day unable to put a face to, and i didn’t even know Rob Jones was in Nightmares. I’ve only had Pete Frame’s Rock Family Trees wall chart (upto May 1980) to guide me over the early years. Whilst stating the main line-up’s, it never gave the list of the other ’31 musicians’ who joined in in varying degrees. So it’s great to see this excellent video put together, another gem Pete!!
    Thank you


  2. Rob Meyers

    Hi Pete. After hearing ‘i’ll turn away’ and loving it so much,and continuing to wish it had been a single. I wonder, would there ever be the chance of a new Nightmares In Wax single one day? Perhaps through a future Record Store Day. It would be sold-out straight away that’s for sure!!

    • Peter Alan Lloyd

      Maybe – but I’m not sure anyone would bet their hard-earned money investing in doing it. If the Bombed Out film ever gets made there may be a kind of Nightmares Reunion in a collaboration on the score.

  3. Rob Meyers

    Happy 39th Anniversary Nightmares In Wax, 1979 seems like it was only yesterday.. Next year it’s the 40th!! where does the time go. Would be great to see a reunion at Eric’s, then perhaps, here’s hoping! and dare I say a release of ‘I’ll Turn Away’ as an official release!!

    Always remembering the fantastic Nightmares In Wax.


    • Peter Alan Lloyd

      Cheers Rob. It was a great experience and you’re right – it doesn’t feel like 40 years ago!


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