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Punk and New Wave Musicians – Before They Were Famous…

Punk and New Wave Musicians – Before They Were Famous…

Above Photo: Mystery Woman in High School.

Any ideas as to identity of the woman in the headline photo?

How about this, from High School –  which is getting closer to her better-known facial features.

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No? OK:

It’s Patti Smith…

Patti Smith in later years.

Patti Smith.

Patti Smith had a massive impact on my musical direction in the late 1970s, with her albums Horses and Easter. I’ve even chosen one of her songs for the soundtrack of the Bombed Out! film, if we can get the rights to it and fund the film, of course…

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'Catti' Smith.

‘Catti’ Smith.

You Tube links to two of my favourite Patti Smith songs are below:

Dancing Barefoot.

Because the Night

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