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Punk and New Wave People Before They Were Famous.

Punk and New Wave People Before They Were Famous.

Above Photo: Looks like a diligent schoolgirl in this photo.

Any idea who the above photo is of?

OK, the answer is Nancy Spungen, girlfriend of Sid Vicious, who was murdered in a squalid drug den they shared in New York’s infamous Chelsea Hotel on October 12th, 1978.

Nancy Spungen with Sid Vicious.

Nancy Spungen with Sid Vicious.

Some believe Vicious stabbed her, others suggest a drug dealer killed her when she caught him rummaging through the room. There is reportedly some corroboration for that theory, and Vicious was so drugged up he would probably have slept through the whole thing anyway. It’s also true that the police investigation and forensics weren’t up to much.

What is certain is that the killing of Nancy Spungen, aged just 21 years old, was a terrible waste of a young life.

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