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Punk Bands: The Lurkers & Bombed Out.

Punk Bands: The Lurkers & Bombed Out.

Above Photo: The cover to The Lurkers 1977 single, Shadow/Love Story.

The Lurkers receive an honourable mention in my Punk and New Wave Memoir, Bombed Out! even though I didn’t actually get to see them play live back then.

Punk band The Lurkers play a gig in 1977

The Lurkers onstage.

I was looking forward to seeing them at Liverpool’s Punk and New Wave club, Eric’s, where they were billed to play on Saturday June 16th, 1979, only for the gig to be cancelled at the last minute (I never did find out why, but back then that happened a lot).

Still, it marked a pretty memorable night for me personally.

1979 punk gig list punk fliers eric's punk and new wave club liverpool the lurkers

The Lurkers gig I tried to go to, scheduled for Saturday 16 June 1979 at Eric’s. I went to most of the gigs on this list, as I had free entry to the club.

I was still playing bass in Liverpool band Pink Military Stand Alone at this stage, and after discovering the Lurkers gig was cancelled, my girlfriend and I went back to our lead singer’s place on Bold Street, in Liverpool city centre, which we were ‘flat-minding’ for her.

We then spent our first night together in a bed, instead of sleeping on a park bench at the Pier Head until sunrise after going to Eric’s.

1970s Punk band The Lurkers. Early Punk bands

The Lurkers in a Creative Meeting…

The Lurkers formed in 1976 and had already contributed to the Punk Pantheon with four great singles: in 1977 with Shadow/Love Story, and Freak Show, then in 1978 with Aint Got a Clue, and I don’t need To Tell her, all of which I’d gleefully bought as a fresh-faced schoolboy Punk.

The Lurkers rehearse.

The Lurkers rehearse.

There is a well-produced Punky power in the Lurkers’ songs which I still like to hear today, especially in the three tracks below.

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  1. George SImm

    I recall their playing on Revolver, the singer always reminded me of Paul McCartney.


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